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The Website for Procrastinators

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Chapter 1: Characteristics of procrastination

Is this procrastination disease?

Others do not understand procrastination. "Do it anyway" is not a solution!

Procrastination disease is a major problem of life scale

Features of procrastination disease 1

Features of procrastination disease 2

Features of procrastination disease 3

Severity level

Chapter 2: Why do people get procrastination disease

Deciding behavior is reason and deep psychology

Origin of procrastination disease

Chapter 3: Mechanism of Procrastination

You are a car driven by reason and deep psychology

Mechanism by severity level

As the goal or deadline approaches, tasks are easier to work on

Momentum is important for efforts on tasks

The nature of cars where reason and deep psychology drive

Others can control your car remotely

Chapter 4: Measures for Procrastination

Measures of procrastination disease

Measures by adjusting attitude

Measures by preparation to start 1

Measures by preparation to work on 2

Measures by preparation to work on 3

Measures to take after starting to work

Measures for the severed people 1

Measures for the severed people 2

Measures for the severed people 3

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